This new model of hybrid work has thrown business owners, facilities managers, and HR departments into an uncharted territory. Organizations need solutions that can enable them to manage hybrid working schedules while keeping employee safety and social distancing at the fore.

AgreeYa’s Hybrid Workweek Tracking application enables organizations to create a paperless and streamlined hybrid work schedule process. The solutions enables the employees to raise hybrid work schedule requests, and HR or facilities managers to confirm the request based on office and floor space occupancy.

What We Offer

Simplifies the submission of hybrid work schedule requests for employees.

Delivers a multi-level request approval system for Managers, HRs, Facility Managers, and Directors.

Enables sequential and parallel approval systems to handle day-to-day and emergency approval situations.

Provides the option to revise the request by the requestor.

Facilitates email-based approvals or rejections of the hybrid work schedule requests.

Delivers automatic notices to the requestor and other concerned stakeholders.

Simplify and Optimize Working Experiences for the Hybrid Workforce


Real-time visibility of the employee’s whereabouts through a centralized dashboard.
Fully automate and error-free spreadsheets and email process tracking.
Timely and accurate approval request routing and notifications.
Mitigation of duplicate data, missing requests and other errors involved in the manual process.
Significant reduction in delays and resulting costs involved in the approval process.
Complete compliance with the social distancing and office occupancy norms.
Case Study
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AgreeYa Enabled a Government Agency to Simplify and Automate its Hybrid Workforce Management