AgreeYa’s Employee Onboarding application leverages Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online to address various shortcomings and streamline the tasks associated with new employee onboarding. It enables organizations to make new employee onboarding an interactive and fun process. Our solution ensures that the onboarding process is efficient and organized, eases the burden on the HR team, removes unnecessary paperwork, lowers recruitment costs, improves overall employee retention, and brings the new hires “into the loop” quickly.


Anytime Anywhere Access

Enables remote access to all the documents and information required for new employee onboarding. It delivers 24X7 access to content and contacts.

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's key workloads and other third-party tools for collaboration, communication, teamworking, project management and employees experience.

Mobile Optimization

Allows new employees access to information on any device, expediting the learning curve.

Targeted Analytics

Enables organizations to gain insights on number of onboarded candidates, those in pipeline, and the one's in the middle of the onboarding process.

Corporate Branding

Provides easy customization to deliver brand recognition among new employees.

Workflows & Automation

Helps organizations implement automation in the onboarding process with the help of workflows and automated reminders.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Features a detailed dashboard to understand where new joiners are in their onboarding process, track the completion of processes and training, and measure their impact.

Onboarding Checklists

Ensures that all the stakeholders are well informed about the new hires and plan their actions accordingly.

Deliver Seamless Onboarding Experience

Why Choose Employee Onboarding Service?

Reduce employee onboarding and training costs.
Decrease manual efforts significantly.
Provide real-time & round-the-clock support to employees.
Improve employee knowledge retention.
Save time and effort involved in employee onboarding.
Protect the environment by reducing paper wastage.
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Simplify Your Employee Onboarding with Microsoft 365