Government Health Department Accelerates Review and Approval of Important Documents

Our customer is a public health services department responsible for maintaining health records across one of the most populous and largest states in the U.S. One of its important functions is to review, approve and manage important health documents collated by different centers and offices. Dependency on the paper-based process and lack of electronic document management system were causing lengthy delays in the review and approval of such important documents. Existing workflow did not support anytime and anywhere reviews or approvals. The lack of adequate communication levels and document versioning led to more confusion.

The customer wanted to develop an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to overcome backlogs and fast-track the review, approval, and disbursal of documents. AgreeYa solutions delivered the EDMS within the planned budget and time frame. EDMS was able to influence efficiency, improve communication and fast-track the processes. Additionally, the users found the system to be simple and very convenient for their daily tasks. Download the case study to know the details of the benefits delivered.

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