City’s Fire and Police Department Automates Reporting and Accelerates Critical Response Times

Our customer is the largest city council in Northern California. Fire and Police departments of the city are essential arms for the city council. It protects the lives of citizens with its fast response during fire breakouts and crime incidents. The customer approached AgreeYa as a potential technology partner to support the city council’s vision of empowering its Fire and Police departments with ways to improve efficiency and become more impactful in dealing with crises.

The AgreeYa team was able to translate the City Council’s ambition into a comprehensive data strategy. We delivered a leading-edge Business Intelligence solution for better data monitoring, actionable insights, and predictions. The solution enabled the customer to consolidate critical data from the existing CAD and RMS systems. It provides comprehensive and real-time reporting on patrol officers, firefighters, and command staff. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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