AgreeYa’s Mobility Solution helps Pets Quickly Reunite with their Owners

Our customer is a town council responsible for serving over 50,000 residents in a Southern Arizona town. The agency is also committed to delivering outstanding citizen services for all its residents, including adorable pets of any kind. Towards this end, the animal services department of the town council launched a Pets Mobile Application in 2017. However, its visual design, as well as backend technology, was now outdated. As a result, the app suffered from a complicated interface, lack of essential features, and unsatisfactory UX. Furthermore, the existing application had not been updated for quite a long time, leading to many bugs, glitches, and inefficiencies in the app, which steered frustrations among the citizens and led to poor monthly usage.

AgreeYa enabled the town council to revamp its existing mobile application and helped the pet owners reunite with their lost pets. As a part of the engagement, the AgreeYa team allowed the town council to upgrade the existing technology stack, enabled prompt bug fixing, delivered various content modifications & updates, and helped release the application on App stores. The revamped application witnessed high downloads on the app stores and was vastly appreciated for its helpful features. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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