A Best in Class Cloud based Tax Compliance Solution Company Experiences 2X Increased Staffing Productivity With AgreeYa’s Workforce Solution
AgreeYa Case Study on Workforce Solution

Our customer provides cloud-based tax compliance solutions that can handle every transaction worldwide. They provide a leading suite of cloud-based solutions designed to improve accuracy and efficiency by automating tax compliance. However, with changing dynamics in in acquisition space, it was getting challenging for them to onboard best resources on a contract basis. Hence our client was facing a significant increase in demand but not being able to met the supply of resources).

further, with the addition of new lines of products pushed our client to increase their product release and time-to-market limits, but they needed more resource capacity. They partnered with AgreeYa to build a massive team of
contingent/contract employees in a short time. Another main objective was to get a long-term resource solution for them for their continued growth in the future. Team AgreeYa helped them fill these role for them.
AgreeYa deployed its most tried & tested and effective hiring approach for onboarding contract employees. Apart
from this, we ensured the highest quality of service delivery throughout the recruitment process. Read the case study to know more.

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