How can startups leverage automation to their benefit?

Building a business comes with a bundle of challenges, and the entrepreneurs have to go through these challenges all the way long. Handling numbers, wooing new clients, setting up with the suppliers, and the list goes endless, and on top of these, scaling up the business remains a significant concern parallelly. However, in between all of this, automation has emerged out to be the best helping hand.

There is nothing futuristic about automation boosting up startups. It’s the thing of the present. To stay ahead of your competitors in the running time, it becomes necessary to shake hands with automation technology. Where big tech giants like Google, Amazon are investing billions of dollars, startups, on the other hand, are benefitting from taking the baby steps and investing little by little, tool by tool.

But before investing in automation technologies, it is essential to know how startups can leverage automation to their benefit. We have listed below the key reasons for automation being the necessary ingredient to success.

Leverage automation to increase productivity:

Automation is all about improving efficiencies at the job. When efficiencies get amplified, overall productivity sees an upsurge. A PWC study certainly certifies this. According to the study, 64% of the companies that have fully embraced AI have reported more efficient operations and increased productivity. Productivity also improves when an outdated process gets revamped, and automation has a significant contribution here. AI helps the workforce to work efficiently in critical areas and fastens the task completion rate.

So, startups should leverage AI to enhance the productivity of their business. Also, during the initial stages, most of the startups do not have a well-rounded workforce. Therefore, they can efficiently distribute complex and straightforward tasks between automation and manual work initially. Such distributions will further improve productivity, and the startups will enjoy early glories and recognition of their business.

Deploy artificial intelligence to improve customer experience:

“Customer’s perception is your reality,” said Kate Zabriskie, The President of Business Training Works Inc. These words will remain relevant forever, and new-age startups must follow them like the Bible.

Satisfying customers is ever-challenging these days in the age of global competition. An MIT Technology Insights Survey shows that more than 87% of organizations deploy AI solutions into programs to improve customer service. AI led automation helps startups provide personalized service to their customers. Yes, we are talking about personalizing the customer experience, which is possible today with the help of automation and artificial intelligence. Today, it is possible to use AI/ML models at scale to regress and correlate customer data to provide personalized services. The AI algorithms can be channelized and designated to individual customers to offer extra-ordinarily values.

Employ automation in driving more significant revenues:

As automation improves the efficiency of the operations, startups can focus on customer experience, which results in increased revenue. Thus, startups should think about automating both Sales and Marketing efforts to expand their business as much as possible.

McKinsey & Company says that one-third of the sales tasks can be automated. These statistics are promising and will drive startups to reimagine their potential. Once a startup automates the right sales and marketing processes, there is always a larger room to grow and accommodate higher targets.

Also, not all startups that might make up to big headlines still contribute majorly to the overall country’s economy. According to a forecast done by Accenture, AI alone can boost profitability rates by 38%, further leading to an increase in the economy. Hence, by investing in AI, startups will drive in more significant revenue and contribute a lot more to the national economy.

Utilize AI in strengthening data security:

With the rising competition, data security has become a significant concern. Cyber-attackers have become even more intelligent, sophisticated, and sneaky. As new to the industry and market, a startup business is more vulnerable to the cyber threat and IP threat and gives an impression of running under less supervision due to less experience.

A single security threat or a breach can shatter a startup’s goal and image initially, impacting the customers’ trust. Therefore, deploying AI tools to enhance data security is a must for startups to track all kinds of suspicious and lurking activities.


We try to uncover a few areas startups can leverage to get a head start in automation, and there are more areas where automation can bring significant value to startups. Regardless of your industry, automation delivers success to startups. Most importantly, collaboration with the right set of AI applications and partners such as AgreeYa Solutions is to key to your automation journey.

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