Key Takeaways from Ignite Session on “Drive a data culture with Power BI and Microsoft Teams”

The last year has been unprecedented for everyone. Employees around the globe have had to adapt to new ways of working vis-à-vis working remotely from home. Social distancing has changed the dynamics of teamwork and collaboration. No longer can an individual walk down the hallway and have a chat with colleagues. The pandemic has forced organizations to operate remotely, thereby forcing individuals to change the way they work. Consequently, the way people share and consume data has transformed as well. Today, employees need to have data available wherever they work, while organizational teams need to have data infused into collaboration workspaces, so they can make those data-driven decisions.

Power BI Empowers Everyone to Achieve More with Data

Power BI delivers amazing data experiences and empowers employees to take charge of their data. Microsoft has been investing significant efforts in making Power BI as easy to use as Microsoft Office and as familiar as PowerPoint!

  • PowerPoint for Data: Power BI desktop welcomes users with a super familiar look and feel. Connect with data wherever it is, slice and dice, cross highlight data, and perform a host of other tasks using the PowerPoint-like interface. The visual and intuitive data prep capabilities of Power BI empower everyone to work easily with data.
  • AI-driven Augmented Analytics: With hundreds of data connectors and easy-to-use features, Power BI delivers “AI Superpowers for everybody”. Users can explore data using AI-powered visualizations, automatically find patterns and key influencers in a data set, and use natural language to ask questions from the data.
How it simplifies Data Reporting
  • Create Reports Rapidly: Power BI enables the users to pull data, slice & dice, cross highlight and prepare visualizations with only a couple of clicks. Additionally, the interface features the same ribbon users would be habituated to in Microsoft Office.
  • Intelligent Search Bar: Recent enhancements in the Power BI search bar allow users to search across actions in Power BI. The search bar instantly delivers a list of suggested actions and recent files to provide users with a head start.
  • A multitude of Themes: Users can choose from a bunch of PowerPoint-like theme templates to change the visualizations on the fly.
  • Small Multiples: Enables users to easily quickly compare categories visually. It enables users to draw better insights just by looking at a visual.
How it Simplifies Data Visualization
  • Smart Narratives: Simplifies and accelerates the process of drawing insights from a report. Through Smart Narrative, Power BI generates a text description of any visual in the report. It empowers anyone to immediately derive required insights from a report. The description can be customized with dynamic values. 
  • Anomaly Detection: Empowers users to understand why certain trends are happening and what’s causing them. This algorithm quickly provides an understanding of any anomalies in data. It also provides explanations over why a certain anomaly is occurring.

Power BI Empowers Everyone to become a Creator

Microsoft wants to make report creation as simple as copy and paste, and then Power BI will handle the rest. It will automatically generate a report for the users to start slicing and dicing, and figuring out what’s going on with a data set.

  • Copy and Paste Data: Power BI users can copy and paste data into their reports from any source.
  • Automatic Generation of Reports: The solution works behind the scenes to automatically generate a report so that a user can start slicing and dicing and finding insights in the data.
  • Draw the Insights: Once the data is ready, the user can filter it using various options to draw insights.

Power BI Empowers Teams to take Data-driven Decisions

Today, BI is woven into the fabric of how everyone works. Microsoft has been helping teams work together, use data, and make smarter decisions. Power BI ensures that data is available wherever you work. Towards this, Microsoft has integrated Power BI into popular Microsoft 365 workloads.

  • Collaboration: The Power BI app in Teams allows individuals to access all their Power BI data in a single place, across channels, chats, and meetings. It ensures that everyone within an organization has data right where they are working inside Microsoft Teams. It goes further than just having an app which brings the full power of Microsoft Power BI inside teams. Users can create a Microsoft Teams channels for all to collaborate and work together. Organizations that want to promote data-driven culture can pin Power BI app for all Teams users within an organization.
  • Productivity: Power BI can also be integrated with familiar Microsoft tools such as Excel. Users can connect Excel with Power BI datasets and data types from within Power BI, Teams, or natively in Excel. It is a great way to bring Power BI’s intelligent capabilities into Excel and generate power-packed reports. To strengthen this integration further, Microsoft is bringing Pivot Tables connected with Power BI for Excel desktop and Excel online users. With deep integrations with essential daily use tools, Power BI is driving workplace productivity.
  • Action: Power BI as a part of the Power Platform, enabling users to act on the data. Users can create apps leveraging Power BI data with PowerApps or automate data using Power Automate. Power Platform empowers everyone to build without intensive coding skills. With Power BI, individuals can translate data and insights into actions to drive organizational growth.

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