Self-Service SharePoint Customization – Good or Bad? End of the Debate

People advocate that using a self-service or DIY SharePoint customization often causes performance related problems and compatibility issues during upgradations. However, stronger ideas are vouched in favor a stable, quick, and out-of-the-box solution that just a self-service or DIY SharePoint can offer. Nonetheless, there is a midway between a risk-infested self-service customization and a long, tedious manual process of customizations which is – an intelligent Self-Service SharePoint. Having said that, let us take a moment to contemplate; do we really need the elimination of DIY SharePoint?

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  • Self-Service or DIY SharePoint Customization – To Opt Or Not To Opt
  • Why is Self-Service or DIY Customization Good
  • How QuickApps is Empowering Users to Do What They Want

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