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With the increasing demand on IT organizations, Systems Management is becoming an area that requires priority and attention. As IT infrastructures get more complex and tools get more diverse, a well-planned Systems Management approach can alleviate many of these challenges. With Agreeya’s Systems Management services, organizations can stop fighting IT emergencies and fire drills and focus on aligning IT with your business objectives. Our services, for both desktops and servers, will provide proactive and integrated solutions designed to address your IT challenges and to optimize your environment. With AgreeYa you can expect:

  • Solutions designed for High Availability
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • Improved governance and control of IT assets
  • Improved ability to meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Access to special expertise to monitor and manage existing IT functions

AgreeYa’s Systems Management services include:

  • Systems Center Deployment, Automation, Customization & Management
  • Configuration Drift Management
  • Exchange Implementation & Migration
  • SharePoint Migration
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