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The Social Revolution is here. Don’t get left behind.
Empower employees to achieve business objectives
using an intuitive and familiar environment

Discover and Network
Enrich Communications
  • Leverage familiar social networking tools to bring excitement into your corporate communications; easily communicate corporate brand, ideals, values, and business goals
Content Creation
Spur Ideation/Innovation
  • Leverage crowdsourcing to create and share ideas, and move them through
  • Preserve conversations, ideas, likes, shares and votes for current and future collaboration and execution
Collaborate and Communicate
Promote Knowledge Sharing & Retention
  • Share content that you like and spread the word; use profiles, polls, groups, events, discussions or shares/likes/comments
  • Retain not only traditional documents but also informal content/knowledge
Easily Leverage Experts
  • Bring down the walls - find and engage employees that share common interests to remove bureaucracy and enable execution
Administration and Analytics
Increase Employee Retention
  • Recognize and acknowledge employee participation through badging, voting and rewarding top contributors
Search and Organize
Expedite Issue Resolution
  • Easy access to the content and people critical to issue resolution, resulting in employee satisfaction
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Enable Project & Event Management
  • Capture and reuse the existing knowledge locked in threaded conversations
  • Coordinate firm-wide events and solicit ideas on events

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