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Reopen with Confidence

As employees prepare to return back to office after months of working from home, most organizations are faced with the monumental challenge of how to restart their operations and run it efficiently while ensuring the safety and well-being of all.

AgreeYa’s suite of return to workplace solutions ensures a smooth workplace transition for organizations by monitoring the key criteria that assure a safe and secure workplace, and productive environment.

Return to Workplace Apps

AgreeYa can help you configure, customize and implement a comprehensive and end-to-end set of apps. These apps enable organizations to plan, coordinate, and manage their return back to the workplace with confidence. The ready to use apps can be rapidly deployed and easily customized to meet your requirements. Furthermore, our return to workplace apps provide an end-to-end experience for executive leaders, facility managers, employees, managers, as well as health and safety leaders. 

Location Readiness

Empowers facility managers and leaders to determine the readiness of their facilities and efficiently manage their safe reopening by making informed decisions. It allows the reviewing of important COVID-19 statistics such as the phase your facilities are in, the number of new cases, new fatal cases, and safety supply availability.

Employee Health and Safety Management

Enables employees to provide self-attestation about their health condition. Depending on the answers to a set of pre-set questions, the application can trigger a day pass for the employee to get into the building. The day pass can also be tied to physical access controls or a QR code scanner before entering the facility.

Workplace Care Management

Provides the health and safety leaders with tools to actively manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from third-party systems to determine exposure. This app implements a four-step process, wherein the current stage of an employee case is clearly depicted in the business process flow on the employee case form.

Location Management

Delivers essential tools required by the facility managers to keep locations open safely. This application helps organizations maintain a safe environment with tools for monitoring occupancy, health supplies, safety procedures, and other facility-related best practices.

Customized solution to help you return

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Other Return to Workplace Solutions​

Intelligent Chatbot to your Rescue

Set up a self-service and interactive way of answering employee queries instantly with AgreeYa’s AI-powered Chatbot. It enables organizations to provide instant, round the clock support for employee queries without any human dependence. The AgreeYa Chatbot can be leveraged to improve adoption of new technologies/solutions, establish governance, drive automation, and also to reduce cost of operation.

Rethink Human Work with Automation

Unleash productivity, implement zero-touch processes, and optimize resource utilization with AgreeYa’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offerings. Liberates the employees from repetitive and rules-based daily tasks, and allows them to focus on other high priority and innovative tasks. Enables organizations to reduce operational costs, mitigate errors, ensure compliance and get more done with less.

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Quick guide to manage your return

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