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SharePoint Audit – Is It Really a Need?


SharePoint is a comprehensive platform that allows you to perform a whole range of functions, right from collaboration, content management, to creation of web applications and client facing sites. While this is the most robust tool in the market, it too has its own limitations that make it restrictive for users. For instance, entire SharePoint team works on this tools, making contributions from their own situation. With so many people opening the files and the folders, there is always a possibility of malicious behavior in its environment, which is difficult to track. This is where a SharePoint audit comes in. SharePoint audit makes all the work on SharePoint trackable, helping you rectify any issue before it takes a monstrous form.

While SharePoint audit is your rescue in such a scenario, its purpose is not limited to this. It is a comprehensive access to all the files stored in the folders, enabling a timely use of it. It is also easy to discover a file and discover patterns impacting work, bringing you in a position to ask questions and take decisions for the project’s success.

Read the Whitepaper to know more.

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