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Enabling A safe Transition to Workplace

As organizations look to reopen offices after months of lockdowns and remote working, the management teams are met with the monumental challenge of ensuring a safe return to the workplace while keeping employee wellbeing as a priority.

Navigating the fast-evolving changes in the world of work and effectively managing new workforce imperatives require collaboration, visibility, and flexibility. With its suite of return to workplace solutions, AgreeYa enables organizations to reimagine the workplace, re-engage with people safely, and reinvent the way they operate.

AgreeYa’s Return to Workplace solutions delivers a range of AgreeYa-developed and Microsoft Power Platform-based ready-to-use apps to help organizations plan, coordinate, and manage their return back to the workplace with confidence.

It allows the management to develop a comprehensive phase-wise plan, constantly monitor, champion hybrid working, implement automation, and navigate the unprecedented challenges of returning to the workplace.

AgreeYa’s Return to Workplace Apps
Location Readiness icon
Location Readiness
Enables facility managers and leaders to quickly determine the readiness of facilities and efficiently manage their safe reopening in phases, based on critical data, such as COVID-19 infection rates and supplies availability.
Employee Health and Safety Management icon
Employee Health and Safety Management
Helps employees and third-party visitors to check in remotely and self-screen themselves via a self-service portal before entering the facilities. Employees can submit attestations and test results to ensure their good health.
Workplace Care Management icon
Workplace Care Management
Empowers health and safety leaders with tools to actively manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from third-party systems to determine exposure.
Location Management icon
Location Management
Ensures safety of location with reporting and systems that monitor and control occupancy by area and phase. Comply with emerging vaccine guidelines with tools to set up vaccination attestation, accommodation, and periodic testing policies.
Vaccination Tracker icon
Vaccination Tracker
Streamlines vaccine management for organizations and helps them maintain a safe workplace. AgreeYa’s Vaccine Tracker app empowers organizations to quickly check if their employees are safe to work from the office.
Hybrid Workweek Scheduling App icon
Hybrid Workweek Scheduling App
Simplifies hybrid work scheduling for organizations. It delivers a multi-level request approval system for Managers, HRs, and Directors. AgreeYa’s app also enables sequential and parallel approval systems to handle everyday as well as emergency approval situations.

AgreeYa Helped a Government Agency to Create a Paperless
and Streamlined Hybrid work Schedule Approval Process

Other Return to Workplace Solutions
Workplace Solutions
  • Deliver Instant Support with an Intelligent Chatbot

    Set up a self-service and interactive way of answering employee queries instantly with AgreeYa’s AI-powered Chatbot. It enables organizations to provide instant, 24X7 support for employee queries without any human dependence. The AgreeYa Chatbot can be leveraged to improve the adoption of new technologies/solutions, establish governance, drive automation, and also to reduce the cost of operation.

  • Rethink Human Work with Automation

    Unleash productivity, implement zero-touch processes, and optimize resource utilization with AgreeYa’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA) offerings. Liberate your employees from repetitive and rules-based daily tasks, and allow them to focus on other high-priority and innovative tasks. Enables organizations to reduce operational costs, mitigate errors, ensure compliance, and get more done with less.

  • Adopt a Flexible Infrastructure

    Ensure anytime and anywhere access to information and a seamless hybrid working experience by adopting cloud infrastructure. AgreeYa empowers organizations with its consultation, assessment, customization, migration, and support services.