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IT helpdesk has become an indispensable part of today’s business operations. It helps organizations extend uninterrupted technology support to the end-users (their employees). The IT helpdesk is responsible for offering information and guidance around the products and services used by the organization, troubleshooting help, answering FAQs and IT policies, whenever any user raises a request. Without the timely and prompt support of IT helpdesk, employees would keep running into basic technology problems impacting their productivity.

Major challenges faced by the IT Helpdesk

However, the efficiency and promptness of the IT helpdesk are often affected by below-mentioned factors:

This is not an ideal situation for any organization in a world that demands cost and productivity efficiencies. This is where Chatbots can help organizations, their users, and the IT teams.

Benefits of IT Helpdesk Chatbot

By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis.


The introduction of Chatbots in the IT helpdesk system enables an organization to transform its support efficiency. With a Chatbot, the IT helpdesk can respond rapidly to the employee support requests and resolve them instantly, in most instances. It can enhance the productivity of the end-users as well as free up the IT helpdesk staff to focus on only complex requests and other digital transformation initiatives. Below are some ways in which the Chatbots can increase the efficiency of IT helpdesk:

Quick Response Time

IT helpdesk Chatbot can help organizations address the Level-1 (basic and repeated) IT support issues, manage support tickets, and provide self-service options. Users can resolve their issues instantly through a quick chat with the conversational virtual assistant. The wait time is largely reduced for the users and this has a far-fetched positive impact on their productivity. Chatbots can help organizations expedite troubleshooting, spread awareness about IT policies & initiatives, FAQs about new technology implementations, etc.

Automated Support Services

In conventional setups, the users must log in to the support ticketing system and fill a lengthy form to address their issues. However, Chatbots have transformed this process by automating the support system and minimizing human intervention. These virtual assistants can not only offer support for the oft-asked queries, but they can also route the other complex queries to the IT support staff. With the Chatbots in place, your ITSM becomes convenient and faster.

Round the Clock Support

Extending IT helpdesk support after office hours is always challenging for organizations. As a result, when an issue arises after office hours the user must wait until the support IT staff gets time to address it. This leads to a slowdown in the user’s productivity. Chatbots designed for IT helpdesk support can help organizations overcome such a challenge. These intelligent Bots can solve most issues immediately. The users do not have to wait long hours for the resolution. The users who are working late always have a capable virtual assistant to help them leap past issues instantly.

Better Resource Optimization

A robust Chatbot removes the burden on the IT department. The staff does not have to handle a large volume of mundane queries every day. The Chatbot ensures that Level 1 queries are resolved, and complex issues are routed for human intervention. This allows the staff to focus on high priority IT initiatives and high-value interactions.

Support Cost Optimization

The self-service and troubleshooting options presented by Chatbots can bring down the number of support tickets. The support staff must engage only in major issues. Apart from this, Bots are also able to deliver a faster time to resolution. All these aspects combined, lower the IT helpdesk support costs.

How AgreeYa’s Chatbot brings in the required benefits?

AgreeYa’s AI Chatbot for Microsoft 365 enables organizations to unplug their IT bottlenecks and resolve most repetitive questions effortlessly. It helps in automating the IT helpdesk process freeing up the staff to focus on complex requests and high-value interactions. Major benefits of our Chatbot for Microsoft 365 include:


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Landing Blog Subcription (#9)