Importance of Information Governance for Healthcare Organizations


Healthcare organizations have been transitioning from paper-based healthcare records to digital systems. The digitalization of records has remained a top priority whether it is a government health agency, a local nursing center or a small outpatient center. For modern-day healthcare organizations, proper maintenance of electronic patient records has become a business-critical objective. Microsoft SharePoint, renowned for its document storage and management ability, provides an ideal platform to store and organize all patient records in a way that the information is readily available and stays protected from internal or external security breaches.

Without the proper control and insight into this critical data, the healthcare processes suffer, storage costs rise and the chances of compliance failures increase. In short, the lack of proper information management processes puts the organization’s long-term success at risk! To counter such scenarios, information governance is a must for healthcare organizations. In this article, we would explore the various facets of information governance in healthcare. Read More

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