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Automate Business Processes with No-Code
June 17, 2020

Three Ways to Automate Business Processes with No-Code Solutions

Business process automation has become a strategic enabler of business agility for present-day organizations, from helping to speed up business processes and reduce errors, to eliminating repetitive work... Read More

IT Business Net
June 4, 2020

The Importance of Crisis Chatbots

We have come a long way since the creation of ELIZA, the first chatbot, in 1966. The recent rise of machine intelligence has led to the increased demand and use of chatbots, especially amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More

Free Crisis Communication Services
May 28, 2020

AgreeYa Solutions to Provide Free Crisis Communication Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, AgreeYa Solutions, a leader in software, solutions and services, is offering certain crisis communication services and solutions for free.Read More

software business growth
May 6, 2020

5 Common Myths Around No-Code SharePoint Application Development

No-code application development helps modern-day enterprises gain more from their SharePoint investment. But, like all technologies, there is also a certain amount of skepticism around no-code platforms... Read More

Releases QuickApps 6.13 for SharePoint
April 8, 2020

AgreeYa Solutions Releases QuickApps 6.13 for SharePoint

AgreeYa Solutions, a leader in software, solutions and services, launches QuickApps 6.13, the latest version of the company’s no-code application development and customization solution.Read More

Authority magazine
March 19, 2020

Things You Need To Know To Create a Successful App or SaaS, With Ajay Kaul of AgreeYa Solutions

Stay Future Proof — Our solutions must be future proof. We want to make sure that we don’t just complete the transaction with our customers but initiate a long-lasting relationship....Read More

February 29, 2020

Microsoft Announcements on Azure Artificial Intelligence

There were many significant announcements around the Azure AI-centered products at Ignite 2019. Let us explore some of the major announcements...Read More

January 20, 2020

Microsoft's Project Cortex at a Glance

Microsoft announced Project Cortex at the 2019 Ignite conference, which is a new knowledge management service meant to help businesses organize their content... Read More

January 14, 2020

How to avoid 7 common mistakes in test automation

There are some errors a tester can make that may not only cause the test automation to fail over time but can also impact its ROI... Read More

October 8, 2019

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform: What Works, What’s Needed

With Microsoft's Ignite conference taking place next month, ITPro Today reached out to a number of partners and users of the Microsoft Azure cloud...Read More

September 17, 2019

Adopting and Fostering a DevOps Culture, by Ajay Kaul of AgreeYa Solutions

In order to effectively implement DevOps throughout an organization, changes are required in its technology culture — beginning at the top....Read More

September 2, 2019

Transforming Businesses through Technology, Innovation, and Excellence

Choosing a solution that fits current and future business requirements is a key consideration whilst embracing digital transformation...Read More

Ajay Kaul's
August 2, 2019

Our Managing Partner, Ajay Kaul featured on eHealth Radio!

Featured on eHealth Radio, our Managing Partner Mr. Ajay Kaul discusses how we help businesses achieve digital transformation and build smart communities. Get introduced to the new award-winning, air quality app developed by us and how it has transformed the lives of millions. Listen Now

July 17, 2018

Expert Advice from the Top 30 Collection Technology Thought Leaders

The accounts receivable industry thrives on innovation of method and technology. This innovation first takes form in the minds of thought leaders. Collection Advisor reached out to industry leaders Read More

Feb 2, 2018

AgreeYa Solutions Takes On Site Administrator and Recovery Manager for SharePoint

AgreeYa Solutions, a provider of software, solutions and services, has "taken on" Site Administrator for SharePoint and Recovery Manager for SharePoint Read More

Dec 21, 2017

What Intelligent Voice Calling Adds to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced it was throwing all its communications eggs into the Teams basket and folding Skype for Business into Teams back in September. Read More

Nov 7, 2017

So You Want to Be a Tech Leader?

Recent research from Hired identified what were generally believed to be the best places to work in 2017. Read More

CIO Review
August 14, 2017

Expert Viewpoint: 5 Ways to Maximize SharePoint Communication Sites

If you are here, then you’re undoubtedly curious about one of the most innovative moves Microsoft has made in the last few months. Read More

CIO Review
April 24, 2017

Four ways Enterprise Social Collaboration Will Engage Your Workforce And Strengthen Your Business

Although customer satisfaction depends on a variety of factors-from the quality of a product to excellence Read More

March 17, 2017

Software testing automation: A guide for project managers

Software testing often gets overlooked, but automating it can be a good way to avoid launch date disasters. Read More

March 1, 2017

Boosting Time-to-Market by Improving Software Development

Today's business environments require "agility" in terms of being able to quickly understand and adapt to Read More

Feb 10, 2017

How antiquated Software Testing Techniques may be holding you back

We operate in an environment where complex software systems are essential to business functions. Read More

CIO Review
Dec 12, 2016

Collaboration and Innovation at the Speed of Today’s Business Lifecycles

Collaboration today is creating a major predicament for technology spearheads and industry. Read More

Jul 15, 2016

4 Best Practices for Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication within a company are critical activities. They not only strengthen camaraderie and empower employees, but, as people join together for a shared purpose, also increase an organization’s productivity, efficiency and overall effectiveness. Read More

CIO Review
March 24, 2016

Digitize Everything: Using Beacons to Monetize Data in Todays Internet of Things

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), and for good reason. The IoT concept enables limitless devices to connect with each other while at the same time providing new opportunities for businesses and consumers, which not only has the potential to impact how we work, but also how we live. Read More

CIO Review
March 23, 2016

CIO Review

Agreeya’s upgrade on Microsoft Sharepoint. Read More

February 29, 2016

Is IT Prepared for the Changes in Enterprise Mobility?

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary devices among enterprises. Their great user experience, increased computing capabilities, explosion of apps, and always-on connectivity combined with agility, make them ideal replacements for PCs. Read More

Ajay Kaul's
February 10, 2016

Ajay Kaul’s latest interview with Marla Tabaka & Jason Garey from the Big Pitch Radio Show on an interactive CEO Interview edition!

In this interview, find Ajay Kaul talk about the origination of the name ‘AgreeYa’ & how he grew the company to this size. Listen Interview

CIO Review
February 04, 2016

CIO Review: AgreeYa Solutions undertakes Dell Quick App for Sharepoint

AgreeYa Solutions undertakes Dell Quick App for Sharepoint. Read More

February 04, 2016

AgreeYa Solutions Takes On Dell Quick Apps for SharePoint

We are thrilled and enthusiastic about taking the reins of this already great product and enhancing it to be even more meaningful and efficient," says Ajay Kaul, AgreeYa's managing partner. "We are also delighted to connect with existing Dell Quick Apps for SharePoint customers, some of whom we have worked with previously. Read More

Asia Cloud Forum
February 02, 2016

Cloud adoption soars, but integration challenges remain

The cloud has quickly become a mainstay in IT departments, with recent research from cloud solutions provider RightScale showing 93 percent of businesses using cloud technology in some form or another. Read More

CIO Dive
February 02, 2016

CIO Dive - Despite growing popularity, cloud integration challenges are 'significant'

If companies are looking for greater compliance and corporate governanace, they may shift to a hybrid model to get the best of the both worlds. Read More

February 02, 2016

CIO Brazil - Option for the cloud grows, but integration challenges remain

With about 90 percent of companies using some form of cloud, it is safe to say that technology has become mainstay for IT. But the integration challenges remain the same. Read More

Advancing Women
November 25, 2015

Advancing Women - Top Five Reasons to Become a Certified Diverse Supplier

As more and more public, private and government organizations realize the value and social impact of partnering with a woman- or minority-owned business enterprise (WMBE). Read More

October 30, 2015

Industry Insight: Which is best? A checklist for cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions

With cloud computing, you get a service with costs tied to consumption, and the vendor enables the multi-tenant economies of scale to make the service cheaper to provide. Read More

October 20, 2015

AgreeYa Solutions Offers Cloud, Mobile Services and Solutions for Business

AgreeYa Solutions, an international vertical-market software and services company founded in 1999, recently expanded to offices at 4430 Willow Road in Hacienda. It is the third Northern California location for the Folsom-based enterprise, joining a roster that includes a domestic office in New Jersey as well as facilities in Vancouver, Mexico City, Lodz, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, and three locations in India. In total, the company employs over 1,300 people. Read More

Apr 5, 2016

Why you shouldn't completely unplug on vacation

Ah, vacation! Time to set up your "out of office" notification, shut down your computer, turn off your phone and forget about work -- or, maybe not. Read More

Thomson Reuters
Oct 05, 2015

First 72 hours after a cyber attack are critical, says law firm

The first 72 hours after a cyber attack are critical to mitigate financial and reputational loss, and to minimize any regulatory consequences, a law firm said. Read More

IT BusinessEdge
June 06, 2015

Seven Tips for Selecting the Right Staffing Firm

Working with a staffing vendor to hire technical support for short- or long-term projects is often a smart decision for business leaders who don’t want to put a strain on their internal staff. Read More

Yahoo News
June 1, 2015

AgreeYa Solutions Named a Top Software Developer

Software, Solutions and Services Provider Ranks 4th in List Published by Sacramento Business Journal. Read More

WIRED Innovation Insights
February 26, 2015

Global Collaboration Driving Innovation: The New Global Delivery Model

Businesses across all industries invariably share two common goals: to stay alive and turn a profit. So when it comes to finding the best talent and expertise to optimize development, production and Read More

Feb 9, 2015

9 Ways to Improve Employee and Customer Communication

Marketing and communication pros share their tips for how companies can foster better communication (and collaboration) among employees, as well as improve customer communications. Read More

Network World
Jan 12, 2015

15 ways to screw up a job interview

IT hiring is on the rise again. And with demand outstripping supply, IT professionals with particularly hot skills might find themselves overwhelmed by opportunities – and inundated with job interviews. Read More

December 23, 2014

All Together Now: The New Collaboration Imperative

Your DevOps projects live or die by how well your teams work together. Read More

IT Next
December 23, 2014

Emerging Digital Trends For 2015

Digital technologies are growing at a rapid pace and will see significant adoption in the coming months. From mobile and cloud technology to social media and analytics, companies are learning that these modern tools of Read More

CIO Review

Enterprise Social Collaboration and the Next Generation of CIOs

Getting social is inevitable. According to Gartner, by 2016, 50 percent of large businesses will have implemented an enterprise social collaboration (ESC) network; and 30 percent of these will be considered as crucial as email and telephones are today. Read More

IT Next
November 28, 2014

How Global Collaboration Is Driving Innovation

Businesses across all industries invariably share two common goals: to stay alive and turn a profit. So when it comes to finding the best talent and expertise to optimize development, production and delivery of a product or service. Read More

IT Next
November 25, 2014

Fearless leaders foster a culture of collaboration between operations and IT

Today, most organizations rely heavily on IT operations, whether they realize it or not. Arguably comparable to the body’s respiratory system, IT is necessary for survival but given scant attention on a day-to-day basis. Read More

October 31, 2014

BYOD to BYOA: Shaping the Future of Your Work Environment

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has been growing in a number of businesses for the past few years. Read More

IT Next
October 06, 2014

Decoding DevOps

Senior IT managers are putting their best foot forward by harnessing DevOps to bring in agility in the business processes and enhance growth. Read More

Tech Page One
September 25, 2014

Is BYOD burning out your workforce?

Employees who buy into the bring your own mobile device lifestyle may be bringing on a lot of stress as well. What do business leaders have to say... Read More

BWW geeks
September 9, 2014

AgreeYa to Exhibit Its Risk & Compliance Solutions at ACAMS' 13th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference. Read More

Times Of India News
September 1, 2014

Skills you need to be enterprise mobility specialist

The need for mobile-enabling enterprise apps for enhancing employee efficiency is necessitating organisations to hire enterprise mobility specialists who can design a clear enterprise mobility road map for the business. We look at the core skills IT professionals need to have to evolve as enterprise mobility specialists. Read More

Information Week News
September 1, 2014

BYOD to BYOA: Shaping the future of your work environment

Bring Your Own Application (BYOA) allows employees to choose and use the software they believe helps them perform their jobs best and bring these programs into the office on their devices. Read More

CEO Magazine News
August 30, 2014

Six Steps to Selecting the Perfect Staffing Partner

The workplace is always evolving which requires flexibility on the part of business leaders. Often, projects arise that require more manpower than a firm can manage, or a specialized skill set outside the scope of the company’s capabilities. Read More

CIO News
August 28, 2014

9 Secrets to Project Management Success

Project management seems so straightforward. You set a deadline. You set a budget. You select the right people. The project gets done. Read More

Computer Financial Express News
August 27, 2014

Using enterprise mobile apps to boost productivity

In this era of mobility, companies can empower employees with apps that can enhance their efficiency and bring in significant cost savings. However, there are certain things enterprises should keep in mind before implementation. Read More

Morningstar News
August 5, 2014

AgreeYa's SocialXtend Wins Bronze in Best in Biz Awards 2014

AgreeYa Solutions, a leading global software, solutions and services company, announced yesterday that its category-leading intranet and enterprise social collaboration software - SocialXtend has been named the bronze winner for Enterprise Product of the Year (Software) by Best in Biz Awards 2014 International. Read More

July 15, 2014

Evolving Role of CIOs as Strategic Business Enablers

Arindam Ray Chaudhuri, COO, AgreeYa Solutions participated in CIO roundtable panel discussion, "The Evolution of Role of CIO/CTO: Information and Technology to Innovation" organized by TechGig, a Times group initiative. The panel saw representation from CIOs and technology heads of leading IT firms. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
July 15, 2014

How Enterprise Social Networks Can Address Collaboration Inefficiencies

In this mobile age, where work is not restricted to a physical space and employees need to be connected 24/7, enterprise social collaboration solutions eliminate the risk of duplicated efforts and miscommunication. Read More

Yahoo News
July 8, 2014

AgreeYa Solutions Named No. 1 Information Technology Firm

Folsom, CA based global software, solutions and services company has been recognized no. one information technology consulting firm by the Sacramento Business Journal. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
July 8, 2014

What’s Behind Google’s Farewell to Orkut

For the yuppie Facebook and Twitter generation, Orkut is prehistoric and long gone. That’s why, Google finally announced Orkut’s demise. The company has decided to bury Orkut on September 30, 2014. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
July 7, 2014

Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?

The emergence of mobility, 24/7connectivity and globalized business has made the concept of a 'work-life balance' obsolete. Ironically, technology -- often seen as the culprit -- can also help restore a sense of balance. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
July 01, 2014

AgreeYa Logging Big Growth With Big Data

It's a busy time for Folsom, California based software solution provider AgreeYa Solutions, which is banking on big data to grow its business over the next few years as it eyes expansion. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
June 27, 2014

The List - IT Consulting Companies

AgreeYa has been ranked #1 among Information Technology Consulting Companies by Sacramento Business Journal in the area of Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yolo counties. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
July 2014

Top of the Mind – Ajay Kaul

Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner – AgreeYa Solutions shares his perspective in Success magazine’s monthly column called “Top of Mind,” which includes comments from several entrepreneurs and business leaders. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
May 02, 2014

Top of the List: Software companies – Sacramento Business Journal

The list features top 25 software development companies with operations in the region including Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yolo counties. AgreeYa has been ranked #4 in "Top Software Companies" list for 2014. Read More

Express Computer
April 22, 2014

Why CIOs Can’t Ignore Enterprise Social Collaboration

Regardless of giving headaches to many IT heads, social collaboration tools are set to get a lot of likes among enterprises because of multiple benefits. Read More

Sacramento Bee
April 17, 2014

Folsom’s AgreeYa Solutions isn’t afraid to let go

Folsom’s AgreeYa Solutions has almost doubled its revenue since 2008, concrete confirmation for managing partner Ajay Kaul that spinning off the firm’s mobile practice was the right decision a few years ago. Read More

Daily Herald
March 21, 2014

AgreeYa Solutions Recognized Among Top Enterprise Software Consulting Companies

Software and Solutions Company has been named as one of CIOReview magazine's Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Consulting Companies. CIOReview considers this comprehensive list to be a benchmark for innovative software solutions providers designed to aid businesses in selecting the service provider right for their needs. Read More

PC Quest
March 21, 2014

Key Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Most companies are taking the integral step of implementing desktop virtualization to transform their data infrastructure from an expense to a strategic asset and organizations want to connect with the talented employees they need, anywhere, anytime, while upholding business continuity and saving on operating costs. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal
March 20, 2014

AgreeYa Solutions Expands Reach With Addition of an East Coast Office

Folsom-based AgreeYa Solutions announced it is opening an East Coast office in New Jersey. The office will be in Warren, N.J., to serve AgreeYa’s existing customers on the Eastern Seaboard. Warren is near one of AgreeYa’s largest clients. Read More

Star Tribune
March 12, 2014

10 Tips for Improving Your IT Team's Productivity

The following strategies, honed in the field, can go a long way towards getting you the A-team you're hoping for. Read More

CIO Review
March 07, 2014

Delivering a Competitive Advantage through its Innovative Solutions

The need for management to effectively engage with employees and customers has gained prominence recently, along with the challenge of increasing productivity and creating a space to discover and leverage its employee knowledge base. Read More

Star Tribune
March 2, 2014

AgreeYa Solutions to Unveil the All New SocialXtend(TM) at SharePoint Conference 2014

Global Software, Solutions and Services Company Will Demonstrate Its Leading Enterprise Intranet and Social Collaboration Tool at the World's Largest Microsoft SharePoint Event. Read More

February 26, 2014

IT Organizations: Built to Last

Over the past two decades, technology has advanced exponentially; and with that burgeoning growth, IT organizations have seen tremendous expansion. As the IT industry continues to evolve, the question becomes more relevant: how does one build an IT organization that is both impactful and lasting? Read More

Strategy Driven
February 5, 2014

The Evolution of Enterprise Social Collaboration

Enterprise social collaboration tools can be a powerful means to support employees in their daily business, also helping them foster cross-company collaboration. Read More

IT Next
February, 2014

ITDMs Should Embrace Enterprise Social Collaboration

“There are several reasons why CIOs are reluctant to implement a social collaboration platform in their companies. However, there are just as many reasons for CIOs to temper their fears and embrace social collaboration”, says Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner at AgreeYa Solutions. Read More

IT Next
January 27, 2014

Having Your Social Media, and Getting Work Done Too

"The top five ways enterprise social collaboration can boost organizational productivity"

The social media revolution has changed the way people interact in their personal lives, and now it is inevitably changing the way they collaborate and connect in the workplace. Enterprise social collaboration is a way for organizations to leverage social tools to improve employee engagement, bolster productivity and tap into a company’s collective intelligence. Read More

IT Next
January 23, 2014

Making the Switch: 7 Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Forward-thinking companies are taking the integral step of implementing desktop virtualization to transform their data infrastructure from an expense to a strategic asset. Desktop virtualization is a rapidly growing trend as more and more companies want to connect with the talented employees they need, anywhere, anytime, while upholding business continuity and saving on operating costs. Read More

Telecom Reseller
December 9, 2013

IT Organizations: Build to Last

As the IT industry evolves, organizations focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction, corporate responsibility, and the productivity and happiness of their employees will thrive amid IT’s diverse and ever-changing landscape. Read More

PC Quest
November 29, 2013

Overflow to Workflow: Business Problems Solved through Social Collaboration

Scattered silos get transformed into a common collaborative for Encore Capital Group employees, thanks to SocialXtend, an enterprise social collaboration tool by AgreeYa Solutions. Read More

December 10, 2013

The top 5 ways enterprise social collaboration can boost organizational productivity

Enterprise social collaboration injects the intimacy and fun of social media into work-related communications and leads employees to accomplish tasks in newer and faster ways. Read More

October 16, 2013

Is your organization 'Built to Last'?

As the IT industry continues to evolve, the question becomes more relevant: how does one build an IT organization that is both impactful and lasting? Read More

Information Week
October 3, 2013

How enterprise social collaboration can empower your business

The use of enterprise social collaboration is expected to soar in the immediate future, creating communities within organizations that foster new communication paths and allow teams to grow more cohesive and collaborative. Effective use of these tools will make meaningful changes for thousands of companies and their employees. Read More

September 17, 2013

Enterprise social collaboration can be a game changer

The social media revolution has changed the way people interact in their personal lives and now is inevitably changing the way they collaborate and connect in the workplace. To simply label enterprise social collaboration as Facebook or Twitter at work, is a misconception Read More